Website Migration

Website Migration Service

A site migration is a complex project where a website moves from one place to another (ex. Web Hosting change) or any significant changes in the website which can affect SEO & other parts of the site (ex. domain name change).

We provide migration services for those people who would like to migrate the website and carry it out without getting any headaches during the process or after completion.


Tired of performance issues or support lacking on a web host or server company you have currently? we migrate your website to the new web hosting or server you need with minimal cost and no loss in your hard work.

  • Server -> Server (VPS, Dedicated, Cloud)
    We will migrate to the required Linux distribution or Windows server with Advanced control panels. (ex. VPS to dedicated server migration).
  • Web Hosting -> Web Hosting (Upgrading Plan or Migrating to a different hosting provider)
    We will cover the entire process and let you know after successful completion.
  • Web Hosting -> Server
    Like setting up & migrate to a server for your website to get more benefits of dedicated resources.
  • Server -> Web Hosting
    Downgrade from VPS or dedicated servers to professional web hosting providers with good control panels, support & security.

Getting started on any platform is great, then later on you realize the current platform is limited to something you need or you come up with a better platform like WordPress. 

We will make the platform migration smooth and easy without losing any required data & SEO.

Some of the platform migrations we do regularly:

  • Blogger <-> WordPress
  • Wix -> WordPress
  • Weebly -> WordPress
  • Magento -> WordPress
  • Shopify <-> WordPress

Most people move into WordPress only! But we still move to any platform that has the functionality to adapt your site requirements.

Wanted to change your domain name to a better name. (ex. -> We will switch your domain name without losing SEO in the process.

Redirecting traffic from the old domain to the new domain (Updating Search Engines about your change).

Some of the processes usually carried out by us:

  • Domain Name -> New Domain Name
  • Main-Domain -> Sub-Domain
  • Sub-Domain -> Main-Domain
  • Sub-Domain -> New Sub-Domain


  • Improvements in SEO
  • Design UX, design & structure
  • Mail Transfer / Setup
  • SSL / CDN Installation
  • Maintaining same permalinks
  • No loss in website data (posts, pages, images, authors, customers, subscribers, etc…)
  • Verification with Google webmaster console
  • Cache / Optimization

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