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Blogger to WordPress Migration Service

Blogger to WordPress Migration is the process of transferring a blog from the Blogger platform to the WordPress platform. This service aims to help blog owners to move their content, images, and other media files from Blogger to WordPress, preserving the original look and feel of their blog.

This service is suitable for bloggers who want to move their blog to a more versatile and feature-rich platform like WordPress, without losing their existing content, followers, and search engine rankings.

Why Blogger To WordPress? is it helpful?

  • We all know a great blogging platform for beginners backed up by (Google) which is well known for its famous sub-domain (.blogspot) used by millions of bloggers around the world.
  • is a great platform to start a blogging life but it is limited to functionality and integrating new features to it. If you are just a blogger who wishes just to post content then it is a fine platform to move forward. But for those who are willing to increase earning potential and include new features as per their needs, they can’t do that on a platform which is nearly impossible to make such things straightforward.
  • This is where WordPress stands out, A self-hosted platform made by a community of people around the world to give you all possibilities to obtain all your needs through millions of plugins & themes.

Started your site on but still wanted to enlight your site with the features you would like to get on WordPress.

This is the situation we provide service which helped hundreds of people to make their migration process easier & smooth.

What we preserve after migrating your site to WordPress

  • Posts & Pages
  • Comments
  • Categories
  • Media
  • Permalinks
  • Feed
  • Authors
  • Traffic (SEO)

These things will be moved to your new website, while custom CSS, fonts, theme and other codes that belong to the blogger platform cannot be migrated.

  • All posts will retain their URL/link structure (keeping any SEO).
  • Keep using the same custom domain, or change to a new one if you prefer.
  • Spam shield integration (blocks spam comments).
  • WordPress settings tweaked to ensure the best Search Engine Optimisation.

What are all the things needed for migration?

  • Access to your blogger dashboard with admin privilege.
    We will export data and do other necessary things to get the migration done perfectly. it can be only achieved smoothly with admin access to your blogger. (We will ask you to grant admin privilege access to the Gmail id of our company during the start of the migration process)
  • A web hosting to host your WordPress site on it. As you all know, WordPress is a self-hosted platform, so in order to set up a new site on it. we need to have good web hosting. (we will give hosting service/assistance to set up if needed)
  • A Domain name. If you have used a custom domain name on then it is pretty easy that we will point the same domain to the new site location. If not consider making the purchase of a new domain name. (we also provide service/also assistance to this if needed)

So, what now? That’s it!

We will take care rest of the process without making your hands dirty with coding & migration.

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