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Pinterest For Business And How To Setup

Every day, millions of people use Pinterest to find ideas for all parts of their lives. More than 75% of the ideas on Pinterest come from businesses like yours, which is why you’re so important to Pinners. –Pinterest

Pinterest is a social platform that allows visitors to share and save their and other’s content to virtual boards called pinboards. Pinterest has a unique demographic in that the majority of its more than Hundred million active users (according to a recent report from Venture Beat) are female.

While you can discover pretty much anything on the Web on Pinterest — the site’s classifications incorporate everything from art to innovation, Pinterest is known as a center point for DIY and art crafts, recipes, design, home decoration theme and fitness related information.

Things to Know About Pinterest

If you are thinking about a start in social media then Pinterest can be a useful and an easy start to get into the social media world. Here are some main profits and things to know about Pinterest.

Traffic to Your Site

A vast majority of users indicates that a lot of new customers will definitely visit your site and will come to know about your products. More driven traffic means more sales and more sales will result in generating high revenues.

Great Graphics-More Success

Pinterest is actually all about demographics. With 150 million Pinterest clients, the site’s demographics are vital. As Pinterest shares, “67% of Pinners are younger than 40, a 27% hop from a year ago. Do you want to know even all the more interesting? 54 percent of ladies age 34 to 55 are on the site, and 35 percent of them have family unit wages of over $100,000.
In case you’re hoping to target male-identified people, you may be astonished to discover that male clients have grown 120 percent in 2016.

Keyword importance

As Pinterest is a search engine so keyword is the most important factor in boosting your profile. So if you want 100% of Pinterest, you need to optimize your content to target more customers. You exactly need to describe what customers are searching in real time. Focus on keyword density which means proper use of keywords and try to avoid keyword stuffing which is bad for SEO.

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Create an Account

Create a business account on Pinterest to boost your business and even you can convert your personal account into the business account. Just go to and join as a businessman.

Verify the website address that you provided on Pinterest. Verifying your website will always benefit you as your pins will have the logo of your site and people will access easy and direct access to your official site.

pinterest create account

Now go to your profile and fill out all the details. After creating your account you can:

  • Create pins related to your business
  • Graphics of your products and services
  • Add keywords related posts
  • Get statistics from Pinterest
  • Directly add pins from your site with a single click.
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