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Facebook vs Instagram Which Adverts Is Better

What Do Expert Marketers say?

So are you thinking about promoting your brand on the internet? You should definitely do so because the online presence of your business is very important and in present marketing trends, marketing is the key to success and brand value totally depends upon your online ads and marketing. Now you need to think of best platforms and most used social media to put your sites on.

Obviously, you will go on Facebook and Instagram and it is a good choice as both are most used Social Media. But the real question is that which one will be better to places your ads? Is Facebook better for brand marketing or Instagram can attract more customers? The question is valid and tricky for a common user but we have all that you need to know and what expert marketers say about this situation.

More users, more Conversion-Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with the largest number of daily active visitors. So you are going to target a great number of people if you choose Facebook for ads and more people will see your ads and conversion rates may be higher. Facebook has 1.3 billion active users and believe me it is a huge number if you see the facts and Instagram users are way less than as compared to the Facebook.

But here is the problem; people just don’t visit Facebook to see about colourful designs and other items for sale. Most people use Facebook as a source of daily news and many users just use it to connect with their loved ones. So these people don’t pay any attention towards ads and you may not be able to grab that much attention of users and it is complex and multi niche source of news so it is the slight problem for Facebook ads.

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But these are not the final words, stay with us and let us guide you. Yet Facebook is worth trying for ads and is one the best platforms for ads and now analyze Instagram too.

A picture is worth Thousand Words-Instagram

Instagram is mainly used for image sharing and pictures and videos are the main content of Instagram and people less focus on text content on Instagram. There are fewer users on Instagram as compared to Facebook but it gives tough time to Facebook and many users use both.

Most of the users use Instagram for connectivity and they also use it for fashion and brand awareness and focus more on colourful ads.

Facebook or Instagram

The answer is pretty simple if you understand the content of both sites. So which one is better for ads? Actually, that totally depends upon the items you are selling and nature of your brand.

Assume that your item is a stylish beauty makeup kit and you want to sell it to a youthful community, so in this case, Instagram is the best option as colourful image ad will attract more users.

And if your brand needs a more detailed overview to express the nature and a pretty picture is not be enough, then you need to go for Facebook as there are better options to place ads for detailed items.

So the best solution is to use both and let the customers come from both Medias. The best strategy is to use both for your ads.



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