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Blogger vs WordPress: Which platform is better?

Blogger (Simple & Free to Use: Google Product)

Blogger is an online blogging platform where one can run their own website at free of cost. It is owned by tech giant Google. The blogs are hosted by Google and it provides a free subdomain of Google. (

Blogger is absolutely free and easy to use. Blogger offers private and multi-user blogs with customized templates, time-stamped entries, archive pages, commenting capabilities and the ability to generate revenue from Google’s AdSense. If you want to start making money only by showing display advertisements, then you must go on with Blogger.

Blogger allows you to create multiple blogs with a single account. It is a tool by Google for creating blogs and promoting blogs without a budget. One advantage of the blogger is that it can take any number of an audience without any server issues or any downtimes. You don’t require any technical background to use blogger but there are many limitations in blogger such as limited tools, a limited set of template, etc. 

WordPress (Simple to Advanced Usage: More Flexible)

One of the most popular CMS is WordPress. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create your blog, your website or your e-commerce store. It is an opensource web publishing software through which you can create any type of websites/blogs such as e-commerce, blogs, portfolios, booking management types.

It is licensed under GPLv2, which means that anyone can use or modify the WordPress software. In WordPress, one must invest to get their own host so that their blogs can be on their own web hosting. But if you buy a cheap hosting, it won’t be able to handle huge traffic and the server eventually will crash and you’ll face downtime on your site. To avoid this, use a good hosting with the correct hosting plan. Check out the list of Best Web Hosting Recommendations. One must have a basic knowledge of website maintenance and programming to use WordPress.

Using WordPress, One can make websites like

  • Business websites
  • eCommerce stores
  • Blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Resumes
  • Forums
  • Social networks
  • Membership sites and more…

Can be used to build CMS based websites as well as website landing page and even change your blog’s appearance to a large extent and there are numerous add-ons available in WordPress.

Over 35.2% of all the websites on the Internet are using WordPress, including well-known entities like the White House and Microsoft.

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Limitations of Blogger (

Though Blogger is a free platform for creating and publishing blogs, it has many limitations in customization, theme, etc. Blogger is a fine-tuned service with very limited tools which allow you to perform only specified tasks

  • Lesser number of plugins/widgets
  • Media files like PDF, word doc, etc., can’t be uploaded on your blog server
  • You can control the basics of a blog like deleting, editing, publishing blog, post, page, comment. But if you violate any rule of Blogger content policy, your blog will be deleted without notifications.
  • Only a few blog roles compared to WordPress
  • You cannot host your own website or own it
  • Having a premium domain will certainly make your blog look a lot more professional, however, there is a little additional benefit.
  • There is no SEO tool or other plugin available for Blogger
  • You can only modify color and layouts using the built-in tools which do not meet your needs. You cannot add additional features as your control is very limited
  • ‘Blog archive’ and ‘label’ pages are not SEO friendly
  • In blogger, one can add only a maximum of 500 characters in blog description and can only have about 100 blogs per account
  • Private blogs are limited to only 100 members

Thus using a blogger may limit the customization of your websites/blogs.

Why most prefer WordPress?

WordPress makes building a website accessible to anyone – even people who aren’t developers. The main reason for the recognition of WordPress is its flexibility and features available to the developer. Some features of WordPress are

  • SEO friendly
  • Customizable design
  • Responsive Mobile Sites
  • High Security
  • Powerful Media Management
  • Easy and Accessible
  • High Performance

Advantages of WordPress Over Blogger

If one likes to customize their website, then WordPress is the platform for them. WordPress offers an individual the option of upgrading to more advanced plugins and sophisticated themes to customize their blog and website. 

  • Flexibility – With WordPress, you can create any type of website you want: a personal blog or website, a photoblog, a business website, a professional portfolio, a government website, a magazine or news website, an online community, even a network of websites.
  • An ideal platform to build websites customized to any requirements or budget
  • Easy to use
  • Easy To update
  • WordPress is extensible
  • No need of writing the website code from scratch
  • Better support community when compared to blogger
  • WordPress provides multi-lingual support and easy administrative interface for managing websites
  • WordPress allows you to host your website.

In WordPress, a premium domain with paid hosting (eg: Bluehost) allows you to unlock the complete potential of WordPress and you can include SEO tools as well as other plugins to help build a stronger and more advanced blog.

Migration from Blogger to WordPress, Gain or Loss?

If you’re serious about blogging, self-hosted WordPress is the best choice for your blogs.

Even the basic themes in WordPress look many times better than blogger themes and there are plenty of themes available in WordPress which make your blog more attractive.

WordPress is much more secure as a platform and provides security to users and visitors of the blog as well. WordPress is great for a professional and personal blog, corporate websites and online stores.

If you wish to do something advanced like Professional Blogging, Selling Stuff, Making Corporate Or eCommerce Website then you must switch to WordPress.

Using WordPress you can build powerful, intuitive, interactive, visually engaging and feature-rich websites. Thus migrating from Blogger to WordPress will be profitable in every aspect.

Article Written by Daisy

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