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What Is The Use Of Having A Website

With the growing pace of internet and expansion of global business, it’s necessary for every company to advertise and make use of the internet to advertise their product in the best possible way to survive and catch hold of the market. There may be an excellent market strategist, economist, and leading businessman but if the company doesn’t have their own online website, then nowadays they are bound to stay back footed.


In simple words, a website is like an online brochure for a business, domestic or industrial, be it advertising of personal products or expansion of multinational company’s business or be it the display of personal portfolios. People are more attracted towards home-based facilities and marketing, affiliates. So, it would definitely be a plus point to attract them by providing them with the ease to access your company from their comfort zone only. Roles of websites are as follows:

  1. Acts as your global brand ambassador or online portal to your business or portfolios.
  2. Style and approach to your business.
  3. Aims and objectives of your business maintaining the transparency with the traffic on your site.
  4. How are you working, to showcase your past achievements etc. And to uplift your profile too.

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To build a website, you can follow two different ways. Either you can design one by the help of HTML notepad, or you may hire a freelancer to do the same, or even you can buy a readymade domain name and can customise and orient it according to your plan and need.

For the former step, you should have an excellent grip over all the commands and codes of HTML since, a single punctuation can make the whole website collapse. So, I would recommend skipping the complexity and buying a domain name.

There are many Content Management Systems/frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, where you can either buy a unique domain name or may access their domain name for free and customise as per your requirements.



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