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Weebly vs WordPress – Which platform is better?

We pay for a service, We always want it to be the fastest, cheapest, always performing and never giving us any problems. When it comes to creating a website, we are blessed with enormous platforms and tools to create stylish websites with advanced functionality. 

Two popular choices are Weebly and WordPress. But there is a conflict between these two. Weebly vs WordPress, Whether to choose this or that creates confusion within you. No worries, Let’s find out which one is gonna best suitable for your needs by comparing WordPress and Weebly through this article.  

Weebly – a simple website builder 

Weebly is a hosted website builder that enables users at any skill level to create a custom site using pre-designed templates, a drag-and-drop builder, and a built-in code editor. Simply it is a web-hosting service featuring a drag-and-drop website builder. Weebly offers a free website building tool, allows to create a site by adding objects & widgets by simply “drag and drop”.

Weebly is simpler to use and everything comes in-built, from security features to hosting. All you need to do is pay for the All-In-One package and start your website. You pay a monthly for their service and can build a website using their website builders. It is designed for E-Commerce, blogs, small to medium websites.

Weebly is a completely hosted service. This means that your website resides on their servers, and you have to follow by their terms of service. If you decide to switch platforms, the migration process is extremely difficult. 

Paying attention to themes available, one would find over 100 themes for blogs, businesses, creatives, non-profits, and storefronts. You have control over pretty much everything in the theme. 

As the platform improved in the past few years, at present Weebly also ties-up with multiple Google services, and enables us to handle email marketing right within the platform.

Weebly can be fabulous for getting started quickly, but once your site or business starts to grow, you are gonna find it harder to make site-wide updates.

WordPress – Professional CMS

WordPress is a popular choice for building websites and powers 30% of all websites on the internet. This is a Content Management System (CMS), a fully-featured solution for creating online content (such as websites, blogs, etc,…). It is an opensource web publishing software through which you can create any type of website/blog. Moreover If one has a basic knowledge of computer software and programming, they can start designing their own websites using WordPress.

For better SEO score, I would strongly recommend WordPress without any second thought. It tends to offer tons of options such as plugins, themes, customization, etc that allow you to add new features,  add visual builders to your website, integrate with social media, and everything else you can think of.

Most important is that in WordPress, you are allowed to host your own website and everything is under your control!!! For any business websites and also if you need an upgrade on your website, WordPress will definitely feed your hunger in development. WordPress service environment is found to be much deeper and richer than other proprietary site builders. 

Taking a glimpse through the features of WordPress, you would find that it provides features that are much more flexible, help to customize a lot and also user friendly. 

Cons in Weebly  

Many startups choose Weebly for their website because it’s extremely simple to set up a site with no technical knowledge, and provides a very intuitive drag-and-drop interface that anyone can use. But as their site grows, they realize that Weebly has limitations that affect their website growth, and decide they want to move to something more powerful and flexible such as WordPress. Some of those limitations are discussed here

  • Availability of only 13 social networks for linking social media to your website
  • Within the free version you’ll be left with subdomain with plenty of ads that not gonna look pretty if you manage a company website
  • Weebly lacks a reliable backup solution
  • No control on who can comment on your blog or post 
  • Multiple columns cannot be added to make the Blog more suitable for your needs
  • No spam protection in the commenting section
  • Difficult to add marketing tools
  • Limited plugins
  • Difficult to migrate from Weebly
  • No post tags which drives back the focused blog posts to generic content
  • No option to alter the width of the sidebar of your blog

Though Weebly is fairly popular these days since it provides a simple solution for creating websites and online stores in an intuitive fashion, WordPress enables you to tackle both types of projects, and moreover it offers a lot more customizability than Weebly does.

Head to Head War: Weebly vs WordPress 


When it comes to simplicity or easy handling, though WordPress is simple and easy, Weebly is found to be easiest among these two and can also be operated by a person without any troublesome. WordPress is quite challenging than Weebly to learn and to use. In Weebly, you can just drag in your content, move them around and insert it on the website. In concern with WordPress, the content cannot be added just by dragging rather it must be added by coding it or using any page builder.

Winner: Weebly 


Flexibility, the word describes itself. WordPress maintains a separate dignity by providing enormous freedom and flexibility to its users for modifying their websites and make it easy for them to design their website with least effort. The user has full access to the tools via plugins and with full access to the platform codes, they can also assess how their tools work effectively. Moving to Weebly, though you can edit the HTML & CSS codes to your Weebly Website, it allows you only some freedom to customize the design of your website to a certain extent. As it is not an open-source website builder, you can’t control how some of their tools and how they work. In contrast, WordPress being an open-source system provides you full access to their tools. This sort of full freedom gives eternal joy to us. 

Winner: WordPress 

Data portability

When you get developed, you wish to upgrade yourself to the next level which means you wish to migrate from one to another. Migrating your content in Weebly is found to be difficult. Since Weebly is a completely hosted service, Your blogs, sliders, as well as your websites cannot be moved from Weebly to other platforms. But in an open-source platform like WordPress, you can easily export your data into many formats. WordPress facilitates easy export of your WordPress websites as an XML file, database export, download your files and content. 

Winner: WordPress 


While you are able to customize the design of your Weebly website, you might not be able to modify certain features or functions. You can only do what Weebly lets you do. With WordPress, on the other hand, you have all the freedom in the world to customize your site and how your tools work. You can design your website in all possible way you dream of. In addition, If you’re a coder, the sky’s is the limit.

If you’re not a coder, simply search for a plugin that will do the trick or hire a web developer so that your websites gets the professionals to do your work.

Winner: WordPress 

SEO capabilities 

Everyone expects a good SEO score for their website. When you host a website in Weebly, you should not expect much of SEO optimization tools from Weebly, but it still offers a bit more than the average website builder of the same type does. With Weebly, you can create titles, meta descriptions, and custom URLs that help your posts and pages perform better in search results. But Weebly still lacks the most features and extensions that’s gonna result in good SEO. 

With WordPress, you’re offered with more features and tools for building an SEO-friendly site. Users are free to customize their image alt-text, meta descriptions, headings, and custom URLs and choose a responsive theme to design your site. What makes WordPress unique is that one can edit any part of their site’s underlying code to optimize it or download or purchase a range of SEO plugins. Thus there’s gonna be no restriction to customize your website in WordPress. An additional bonus in WordPress is that it is open-source. It makes WordPress a perfect platform for optimizing content-based projects and other website types. 

Winner: WordPress 

I hope that you have come to a conclusion which is more profitable for you and also brings profit through your website. If you ask us, we would strongly recommend you to go with WordPress rather than Weebly.

Is it worth migrating Weebly to WordPress? 

Though Weebly is fully eased to use, it’s quite less famous in the world of E-commerce and online stores. This is because of its lack of various upgraded features such as plugins, customization, optimization, etc. and also provides a simple solution for creating websites in an intuitive fashion. 

On the other hand, WordPress with a lot more flexibility and high customization of the functionality of your website is presented to you as a gift of technology. In addition,  WordPress is much more secure as a platform and provides security to users and visitors of the blog as well. 

When an organization decides to make online stores/ E-commerce, WordPress would be the best choice for them to make a profit with good SEO. For this to happen, one must hire a web developer or a coder to build your website and start their business with maximum profit.


With consideration of all the matters discussed above, We conclude that WordPress wins in the battle of WordPress vs Weebly. When you are just a beginner and not a skilled tech or a coder, Weebly suits all your needs. But when you step into this web game, you need to move to the next step and that step is probably the WordPress

Hope this article was helpful in finding the perfect platform for your website.

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