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Step By Step Guide To Build A Website

The step to step guide to build a website is as follows:

1) First plan about what is the purpose of the website? If it’s just for personal or domestic use, then there is no need to buy a unique domain name; but you should buy one if it’s for the global business.

2) Go to the website and choose a theme that can be made compatible with the contents you will be discussing there.

3) Customize and manipulate the orientations of the different bars and columns to rearrange them as desired.

4) Opt for some affiliate companies to take some affiliate ads from and paste them on your website by incorporating the specific ad code into page source code.

5) Then you need to fix ads from Adsense account that you should have previously linked with your Gmail account.

6) Get a catchy logo and logo statement designed for your website.

7) Then comes to the most important part; the writing of content. Follow SEO style content and add keywords for optimisation. Keep it neat and clean with a few copyright free images relevant to the content, as and when required. Then Publish it.

8) Finally, share the links via various Social Media channels or via your esteemed company advertisement hard copy.

Important Point

A website is useless without traffic. As without it, you can’t even get any earnings out of your website due to ads you placed; moreover, your sole motive of display or advertisement will also fail. Try expert hands to help you out in web designing otherwise, the time will go in vain.

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