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Reasons Why You Should Move From Blogger To WordPress

Without any hesitation, we could end up saying that Blogger/Blogspot is best for any individual. But when it comes to business in blogging, I recommend you to switch from Blogger to WordPress. There are plenty of reasons for me to say this. This article is to brief about those reasons.

Some inconvenience that we may find with blogger 

  • Awful SEO experience
  • Fewer themes and other widgets
  • Lacks control over our blogs
  • No media files can be uploaded
  • Poor support community
  • The blogs are unprofessional
  • Lesser design choice
  • And so on…

According to blog technology usage stats from BuiltWith, WordPress is the #1 most popular blog software used by about 35% of blogs in the top 1 million sites. We can also compare the search terms ‘WordPress’ and ‘Blogger’ in Google Trends to see users’ ‘interest over time.’ 

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With we could conclude that WordPress plays a superior role in blogging but I’m going to make this comparison in detail and show you exactly Why You SHOULD Move From Blogger To WordPress.

7 Reasons To Move From Blogger To WordPress

The question here is which is the best choice? My opinion is, if you are a serious blogger and can invest in hosting, go for WordPress. Every geek will recommend WordPress because it has a lot of features within it. 

If you’re still on Blogspot or blogger but want to migrate to WordPress, You can reach us to set up your new WordPress blog for a low cost!

Here are the reasons why You should Move From Blogger To WordPress.

1. Better design options

Blogger, by default, only provides a limited set of templates to use which makes it fall behind in terms of design choices. And in no-way, it would compete with WordPress flexibility and features which allows the user in all ways to design their website and give it any design layout without any limitations.

Since there are great deal of WordPress themes available, more designers are willing to work for WordPress sites. These themes range from business to the least that you would think of blogging about. As a whole, themes are available for everything you can think to blog about. 

Among these professional themes, two top and best themes trending now are;

  • Elegant Themes – Get 81+ Themes for 39$ 
  • ThemeJunkie – Premium Affordable Theme Provider

2. SEO friendly

Though Blogger is managed by Google, it is poor in SEO just because it uses  HTML to do all things.

In contrast to Blogger, WordPress ranks top in being SEO friendly among top CMS and with no doubts, it is best for SEO. This will be a valid reason for one to move from blogger to WordPress.

Some top-rated SEO plugins are Yoast SEO, SEMRush, SEOPress, Ahrefs, Rank Math.

 3. Easy to manage and use 

One key advantage of WordPress is that it is easily accessible, easy to use and also easy to manage. There is no limitation for a user in managing and controlling multiple sites from a single dashboard with the help of WP management tools such as iThemes Sync, Jetpack, InfiniteWP, etc.. and none of these are available in Blogger.

 4. Full control over your blog

Everything under control!!! When you post a blog in WordPress and it is a self-hosted WordPress, your blog cannot be removed for any reason. You also have control over the content of your blogs that you can post any kinda blog of your interest. 

Still attached to blogger/Blogspot? Its no longer gonna help you. Move to WordPress and get benefited….

5. Fastest page load time

Using WordPress, there will always be fast and smooth loading of the blog. Even if you want to speed up, there are plugins available to improve performance. But if you are gonna compare it with Blogger which has slow load time, you have no choice left rather than choosing WordPress to host your blogs.

6. Easy to sell:

There are some unavoidable consequences where you have to sell your blog. But when trying to sell your blog from Blogger, you would find it very difficult to get a buyer for your blog. This is because of the limitations in it and none will be ready to get something which is absolutely free. When it comes to WordPress, selling your blog would be as easy as you imagine and many users are ready to buy a blog from WordPress predominantly because of its flexibility and features.

7. Plugins for doing anything and everything:

When you are at Blogger and you want to modify/ customize your blog, then go to HTML and start your coding process.

In WordPress, even a small modification can be done with ease. But how? This is where the plugins play their role. Plugins, which are available in the WordPress repository make every change and functioning of the websites be uncomplicated and effortless. No matter what you are trying to do on your WordPress site, it’s possible. Plugins are available for multiple features, from small features to much-complicated features, from adding images to eCommerce payment gateway.

How to Move From Blogger To WordPress?

Still going to be stuck with blogger? Or planning to migrate to WordPress? After reading this post I’m sure you are thinking to migrate. But how? 

Ping us to migrate your blog from Blogger to WordPress at the lowest rates. Features at I offer along with migration are;

  • Free WordPress setup
  • Import all posts, comments & pages
  • Maintaining and redirecting URLs
  • Retaining all feed subscribers
  • Free WordPress performance optimization
  • Email support for 7 days (Conditions apply)

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Article Written by Daisy

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