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Is Responsive Design A Ranking Factor?

Responsive Web Design is a design technique that involves the development of just one version of a website that works efficiently regardless of what type of device you’re using.

These days, the demand for a website that suits multiple devices is reducing drastically with the increasing appropriation of smartphones and tablets. The overwhelming impact of smartphones on internet use makes your responsive website of great importance.

The responsive web development approach conveys an optimized UE – User Experience independent of the devices they use. Responsive design uses proportion-based grids and flexible images to adapt to the viewing layout.

Now to the big question: Is Responsive Design a Ranking Factor?

YES, it is! I’ll highlight some reasons.

1. Inbound Links

A website with two separate versions (mobile and desktop) will often have different URLs (the mobile versions often have theirs). Since “link” is one of the factors search engines use in ranking a page high, your mobile rankings suffer while your desktop pages get the most inbound links. Using responsive web design will keep mobile and desktop URLs the same. Now you can be sure that your mobile and desktop rankings all enjoy the benefit of any inbound links you get.

2. Google’s Love For Responsive Designs

Google is the best and most effective search engine available. So it’ll be a wise decision to consider what Google loves.
Responsive Web Design is loved and recommended by Google because:

Mobilegeddon – mobile ranking: This is a mandate by Google passed on April 21st that all websites must be mobile-friendly else, site ranking drops.

When a business has both mobile and desktop website versions, each will have different codes and URL, in the end increasing the activities of a search engine by indexing multiple versions of the same website.

3. Same Contents

Responsive design’s ability to keep the same content across multiple devices adds to its ranking. Now, instead of having to change images, text, or other contents on both desktop and mobile versions of pages, you can now implement one change and have it reflected across multiple devices your contents show up on. This is helpful to both your visitors and website rank since search engines will only have to crawl one version of the content on your site.

4. UE – User Experience is Enhanced

Suppose you spot something on a site while accessing the internet on PC and you want to send that to someone who can only view that content on a phone; if the site is designed well and responsive, the content will work similarly also on his screen as on yours. Since user experience is another factor used by search engines in ranking, going responsive is the best approach to offering visitors the best user experience.

Site ranking plays an essential role in any business today; hence, the responsive website design deals with SEO which is significant for any digital marketing strategy. This implies more traffic and more traffic implies more sales.

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Is Responsive Design a Ranking Factor?
YES, it is!

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