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How to create an online presence for your business?

Having a thought of expanding your business to the next level? there are plenty of succeeding ways and one of the most successful ways among those is making an online presence for your business.

Having provided top quality service and product with a skilled team in the business, being left unnoticed and unrecognized by your target audience is a real heartbreak for the owners. This is where having an online presence plays a vital role. Being online makes your business recognizable among your audience, engage them in ongoing events, share valuable information and news about your company, ask and answer questions, collect and analyze feedback from your prospects, and improve your marketing approach as required. 

Adding to the above, when an individual wants to collect info about a product, his/her first mode of choice would be surfing on google. By doing so, the service or the company which pops in google’s search list has a great chance to obtain a customer. Thus any business that has an online presence is more likely to receive traffic just by being there.

In this review, we have discussed the steps involving in creating an online presence for a business. Follow these and cherish by seeing your business grow and prosper.

A quick intro on Online presence

Frequently speaking about online presence, the common question that arises in your mind is ‘ what is online presence and what does it mean?’.

Online presence, also termed as web presence is simply known as the online existence of an individual or business that can be found via an online search. There are various platforms available to establish a business online and some of the major platforms are a social media page, a website, a blog and an e-commerce platform

Making an online presence for a business just need very little effort, Put those efforts and watch your business grow tremendously.

Why it is so important to have an online presence?

Being continuously emphasizing about building an online presence, you may wonder about its importance in the expansion of the business. It builds a strong customer relationship, trust, and provides a remarkable growth to the business.

Making a business available online will create awareness among the public about the company and brand, helps the customer to access the product details, wider and last but not least, it ultimately increases the number of customers, and they can be converted effortlessly by having a successful online presence.

Steps to build a strong online presence for a business

The process of building an online presence is not the one that happens overnight, all it requires is a well-studied strategy and tons of patience in terms of time. The strategy must be selected according to some factors such as the targeted audience, goal of the business and etc.

Let’s talk in detail about the important steps involved in building an online presence for a business.

Step 1 – Set your business goal

The first and foremost step in establishing a business would be setting up a goal and aiming your business journey towards that goal. Similarly, establishing a web presence for a business requires a goal to be set. The goal should be clear and attainable. The first advice while setting a goal is that don’t set a goal for name sake, set it in a way that it adds value to the overall business goal.

Once the goal is set, the next step should be framing a plan to achieve the goal with a time frame. For example, if you set your goal as “increase brand awareness among the public”, then plan your actions in an effective way to reaches more number of people such that advertising in popular social platforms, giving quality service through online interaction, promoting through existing customers and so on.

Step 2 – Identify the targeted audience

Online presence gains customers to the business only when it is presented to a suitable audience. Figuring out the target audience and aiming them with advertisements may increase the leads and also has high possibilities to convert those leads into customers.

Step 3 – Get your company website

A website is the first platform that customers would search for when they need information about your business or the service you provide. The website serves as a starting point for the customer where they come to know the products offered and contact the company for further discussion. Thus a basic requirement for creating an online presence is having your own website for the business.

Having an own company website is very useful in wide terms. Through websites, one can show off all the product/ service that is being provided by the company, appraise their brand through pleasing appearance, colors, fonts, text, video, & images and also provide additional information about the company like contact, company’s history and etc.

A good company website must include clear informations like products or services offered, company’s achievement & history and contact details.

You can easily create your website using many CMS such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and etc.

Step 4 – Effectively use social media

Here comes the easiest way to show case your brand to a wide range of audience. There are plenty of social media platforms where to you meet people virtually, interact with them and get socialised. But having presence in all the social media is a bit complex one. so keep it simple at the beginning. Go for the big 3 platform which is appropriate for your business.

Selection of the platform must be done based on your targeted audience. having your targeted audience in twitter and posting ads and post in Instagram is totally waste of money and time. The starter pack that suits any company is the trio of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Engage the social media audience with regular feeds based on their topic of interest to withhold their attention toward your brand. Constraining yourself to post only about the product you offer is not a wiser choice. In addition to the product posts, you can speak about your industry, give useful tips, conduct polls, and keep them engaged with the company constantly. Make sure that the brand name pops in your target audience’s feeds at least once a day.

Step 5 – Building relationships with clients

Regardless of the diversity in industries, every industry has at least 3 to 4 online communities with people from the same industry. Finding one and taking part in such a community helps in building an online presence for the business. Being active in those groups and participating in the discussion encourages an individual to build a new relationship with associates of the same industries. The members of those groups might also be experts in the industry and building relationships with those people will end up in getting contact with new people in the industry. New connections can be either customers or partners who can help you grow your business.

Interacting and connecting with people is one of the ways to expands the reach of the brand name.

Step 6 – Patience

Patience is the key weapon to succeed in building a strong online presence. Online presence is not that happens overnight, it takes time to succeed but once reached it returns with a massive response from your audience. Being patient at the start of online presence will yield tremendous results after a period of time.


Amidst challenges, the time, effort, and money you contribute to establishing your online presence will subsequently pay off with increased customer loyalty, respect from your competitors, and recognition of your brand among the audience as a trustworthy service. Thus bringing business online definitely helps you in multiple directions.

Shortly describing the important step in building an online presence, first, decide what you want from your online presence. Second, match the platform to your needs. Third, use active promotion to build that online presence

So, If you’re able to build a strong platform, determine your target audience, create consistent and valuable content, establish a presence on social media effectively, and develop meaningful relationships online, then success will be on your side.

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