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Basics of Web Design That You Need To Know

Internet presence is essential to success in this modern age. Your website can serve as an online store or portal for your business and help you in capturing a much broader base as well as establish brand name and credibility. You can certainly seek the services of an expert web developer to get an aptly designed website for your business. The science of web design is so not for you to learn; however, you need to know to negotiate your project better. You must be able to communicate with your designer. Here’s a guide to the building blocks of web design, introducing you to the terms that might otherwise sound alien to you.

The Languages of Web Designing: HTML5 and CSS3

Markup languages are needed for structuring a website’s design. HTML5 is a language used in laying out the foundational framework of a website. This language is used to code the structure instructions for the browsers an how to display the website’s the content. The CSS3 can be called a styling language which adds the details to the framework giving it uniqueness. These languages are complimentary in web designing just as you need emulsion for your walls.

Content Management System

Earlier we needed an HTML file to be created on our computers and then uploaded on our website servers when needed. The websites would get heavier with time, even the smallest updates required a separate file to be uploaded. These problems of uploading files and increasing website volume have now been solved with the introduction of the revolutionary CMS; the Content Management System. You don’t need to learn coding to manage your website anymore.

CMS allows content to be separated from the presentation. It provides a central interface to organize, modify, and publish data on websites. WordPress is a primary example. It works with the Quartz application which manages content distinctly, separating it from the presentation.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is the most subject of discussion for web designing at the current time. It is a design technique developed to counter the compatibility problems by the websites designed with older design techniques. By compatibility, it implies that a website layout compliments the various available interfaces in the market. This is the age of instant communication. People have moved from the larger computers to the smaller and more mobile tablet PCs and the cellular devices.

Having a separate website for each interface is not only expensive but may also lead to content doubling and eliminate SEO advantages as well. RWD allows your websites to self-modify its layout to work with any interface available out there. It is cost-effective as well as beneficial in search engine optimization. HTML5 and CSS3 are fundamental to responsive web design.

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You don’t need to learn designing and coding to manage your website but you must know to get your ideas translated into an apt design for your website. Acquaintance with the languages of web design, content management system and responsive web design gives you enough knowledge to make better design decisions.

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