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9 Reasons Why Ethical Hacking Is A Dying Art

Today is the era of science and technology. You cannot name a single field of life where computers or any digital appliances are not being used. So when you are going for digital options, get ready to face cyber-attacks and other problems. So how to make sure that your system is secured? The best way to check your security is to breach it and know the weak points. So who is going to do this job for you if you are not a computer professional? Here comes the concept of ethical hacking where you pay or hire a hacker to take down your security wall and expose the weak points.

In simple words, ethical hackers are just like the common hackers but they don’t work to damage your information but they help to make your online systems more secured. So to keep the balance between both sides, ethical hackers are important to stop black hat hackers but now a day, it seems like no one is interested to choose ethical hacking as a profession. So here are some reasons behind the dying art of ethical hacking.

It is not easy as it looks

You would have seen in many movies that hackers just type some commands and all the nuclear plant is hacked. In real life, it takes a lot of efforts even to hack a simple well-managed file. So when people come to know about the reality, they are demotivated.

People are not aware of Ethical Hacking

Many students and professionals have the potential but they don’t know how to use their skills and make a way in ethical hacking. Even many students don’t know about this field so less people are attracted towards ethical hacking.

Less Educational Institutes

Government institutes don’t focus on the importance of ethical hacking and there is no proper education for ethical hacking in institutes so students tend to follow the trends and leave this amazing field behind.

Less Professionals

There will be many engineers and business professionals around you but you will see just a few ethical hackers around you. People think that it is a useless filed; as there are not a lot of people in this field so they are not attracted.

Lack of Motivation

People try to follow successful people and their related field. There are many great ethical hackers but they are hidden from the media so people don’t have much motivation and it leads to ethical hacking to be a dying art.

Illegal Activities vs. Ethical Hacking

Illegal hacking activities have more charm and this black world seems more colourful but ethical hacking is the proper way to earn and follow your dreams. When people choose shortcuts, it leads the ethical hacking to be a dying art.


Ethical hacking can be a proper source of income and you can choose it to be as a career option but people think that it is a part-time job and there is no money in this field and the reality is opposite to this thinking. Believe me; you can earn a handsome amount of money in this field.

Lack of Proper Guidance

You will see a lot a career consulting institutes that will be guiding you for career option and selection of future jobs but they will never tell you about ethical hacking and this lack of proper guidance leads towards making this field to be a dying art.

Less Jobs in Government Sector

People prefer to join government sector and unfortunately, there are no major jobs for ethical hackers in the government sector so people like to go for other available options as a career.



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